The whole (the 'Gestalt') is different than the sum of its parts.

What We Do

We help businesses run their operations more efficiently with smart software.

Specifically, we expand and operate - a platform for web services for maritime supply chains.

We turn raw data into information and knowledge for decision making. For example, we take a ships' position and destination and determine its estimated time of arrival, risk of exposure to severe weather conditions or risk of missing a tidal time window.

Our Vision

We believe in the power of distributed, cooperative systems.

The potential for holistic management and optimization of supply chains spanning continents and companies is enormous.

Technology can enable organizations to break down silos - which may have been helpful historically to manage the complexities of operations - and move towards fluid supply chain networks.

We build tools to help make that happen.

~ also, we love the sea, are passionate sailors and like to be outdoors. ~